CAMLI CAMLI is a Canadian compliance education and resource forum for anti-money laundering compliance professionals. We develop and recognize through professional designations the knowledge, skills, and leadership required to manage money laundering and terrorist financing risks.

Until November 16th, CAMLI is offering a package price for those interested in pursuing their CAMLI Practicing Associate (CAMLI PA) designation.
CAMLI's Building a Business Relationship and Monitoring Model examines Canada's legislated Business Relationship requirements and know-your-customer obligations, outlines the development of a risk management protocol, and provides guidance for monitoring and record keeping. This is further supported by sector-specific examples in order to provide the user with a strong foundation in this problematic compliance program component.
As the registrar at CAMLI, I end up talking to a lot of people who are just starting out in AML compliance, or were given the task a while ago and are working really hard to do the best they can. One thing I always encourage them to do is read the regulations and learn as much as they can from whatever source works for them. Knowledge really does give you the power to succeed in any task.