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Workshop Presenter

Shellyna Lipic
AML Consultant
Steinbach, MB

Mortgage Participants a New AML/ATF Reporting Entity: The Regulatory Compliance Requirements and the Associated Risks
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De-Marketing Customers: Reasons, Risks and Responses

Original Broadcast Date: Wednesday, August 16, 2023

De-Marketing clients can be one of the most difficult business decisions, with a myriad of moving pieces to consider. Pressures from different departments with different priorities come into play as do concerns with the outcomes and pushback that could result from this process. Reputational and possible legal risks are a worry for the organization, which in turn can impact directly on the decision that is made.

CAMLI’s third online seminar of 2023 will explores what to do when a customer is deemed to be too high of a risk and the decision is made to end the business relationship. AML consultant, Shellyna Lipic, discusses the details and process for ending a relationship, sharing experiences from working in the financial services industry as a CAMLO, and explaining the process and steps taken to exit relationships when the risk becomes too costly.

Topics include the following:

  • Why do we de-market?
  • When should we de-market?
  • How to demarket
  • What risks can arise?

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De-Marketing Customers: Reasons, Risks and Responses